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100% Exact Look & Feel
100% Identical Weight & Dimensions
100% Markings inside and out
100% Identical Metals & Functions
100% Swiss Cloned Rolex Movement
100% Waterproof Tested to 300 Meters

The Entire Rolex Clone Movement is manufactured in Switzerland

Our Rolex Swiss Cloned movements are meticulously constructed using the exact same metals and production techniques as the genuine Rolex movement. The result is a movement that is indistinguishable to the original in looks, functions and time accuracy. One word can describe it: RELIABILITY.

Made with Solid 904L Stainless Steel

Feel the smoothness of 904L steel on your wrist!

We manufacture our Rolex Swiss Replica watches using same steel grade as Rolex. The 904L stainless steel.  This way our Rolex replica watches have that same exceptional sheen, anti-corrosive properties and hardness as the original.

Solid 18K Gold Thick WrapDLC Scratch Protect Coat

The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Protection Coating bonds an invisible protective film on the 30g pure 18k Gold heavy wrap over the 904L Stainless Steel surface. DLC coating is scratch proof so Gold will never fade and will test positive on a gold test.

Our Gold heavy wrap is adding thick layers of pure 18k Gold wrapped over the 904L stainless steel. Our Swiss made movements guarantee that your Swiss watch will last you a lifetime!

100% Swiss Made Movements

Our unique Rolex Swiss Replica watches are equipped with Rolex cloned movements. Our Movements are Swiss Made in our Geneva Watch Movements Lab and they are 100% identical to the genuine.  They have the same looks and same fine sweep second hand motion as on a real Rolex. Even a jeweler will be impressed by the finish and motion accuracy of 28.800 vibrations per hour and verify that its a genuine Rolex.

Real Moissanite Diamonds

Eternal Diamond Shine in your wrist!

Moissanite shares all the qualities of a real diamond making a spectacular statement at a fraction of the cost. Moissanite diamonds are exclusively used on our Swiss Replica Rolex watches with a brilliance guaranteed to last forever!

Swiss Made Non-Scratch Sapphire Crystal

Anti-Reflective 2.5x Cyclops Lens

Our Swiss Made Sapphire crystal is virtually impossible to scratch and includes a laser etched crown at the “6” O’clock. Date magnifications on our Replica Rolex watches are 100% identical to the genuine.

Individually Waterproof Tested to 300 Meters

Waterproof Rolex Swiss Replica Watches

Our Rolex replica watches are fitted with high quality Swiss made deep-sea water gasket sealants and silicon “O” rings. The Sea-Dweller models are equipped with working helium escape valve that allows helium to escape from the case.

Each watch is individually waterproof tested in house prior to shipping.

Swiss Made Blue SuperLuminova Lume

18k Gold Wrapped Hands & Markers

Our Rolex Swiss Replica watch dials are made of solid brass exactly like the original. The laser precision text prints and correct date font are updated annually. We use Solid 18k Gold wrapped hands and markers to prevent tarnishing. Our Swiss made SuperLuminova phosphorescent pigments glow in the dark twice as long as that of the original Rolex.

Solid Ceramic Bezels

Real 18k Gold or Platinum Coated Bezel Numerals and Graduations

We use a Swiss made hard ceramic compound for our watch bezels that is virtually scratch proof and provides a vivid color that will look brand-new for a life time. Using a mold to produce the bezel results to fine deep graduations that are coated with solid 18k Gold or Platinum, exactly like the original.

Limited Edition Rolex DeepSea 18k Gold

30g of Pure Solid 18k Yellow Gold Layers Wrap

If you are looking for a large and very unique Rolex then this 100 watches limited edition DeepSea 116660 is the watch you are looking for.
Made out of solid 904L stainless steel and wrapped with thick layers of 30g pure 18k yellow gold this watch looks like a solid gold Rolex, tests positive on solid gold tests and the gold will never fade.

Golddeepsea Assembly

The Most Unique Rolex DeepSea ever made! Very Rare!

This is an extremely rare Swiss watch that even Rolex will envy! The watch is made with the best in the World Gold wrap technique and features a Swiss Movement and 904L steel. With over 30g of pure 18k Yellow Gold wrapped on the 904L Stainless Steel the shine will last forever!

Scratch-resistant Ceramic bezel insert with numerals and graduations coated in 18k Yellow Gold.  A statement in black, pure in appearance the deep black dial with Gold Indices, Black Superlume and Gold Hands looks AMAZING! Its made entirely in Switzerland by Bespoke Luxury Watch Specialists which are Masters in world’s finest luxury timepieces modification.

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Look no further guys.I have

Look no further guys.
I have over 12 rolex submariner replicas in my quest to find the best replica rolex in the world and i finally found it. This watch most impressive feature is the feeling. No other replica has this solidness and robust genuine feel when you hold them. This is simply the best replica rolex ever!

Posted onJuly 3, 2024

I’m glad I went with

I’m glad I went with you guys!
I wanted to order a cheaper Deepsea by my wife convinced me to go with your more expensive watch, and boy she was right!
This watch is A M A Z I N G!
I went to the Rolex dealer and they even propose to buy my watch!!
A thousand thanks

Posted onOctober 18, 2023

Thank you very much guys

Thank you very much guys your Datejust came a week ago and by comparing it with the original one I realized that I made the best purchase of my life

Posted onApril 23, 2023

Thanks a lot guys I

Thanks a lot guys I honestly never thought I would have a Daytona replica so perfect that no one can’t tell it’s not genuine

Posted onApril 23, 2023

a huge thank you from

a huge thank you from my part guys my new Datejust looks and feels totally genuine

Posted onMarch 25, 2023